Balloon Casino: a game for money in a casino where you have to inflate a balloon

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Balloon game was developed by SmartSoft Gaming in 2019, its essence is to inflate a balloon for money. This unconventional slot defies all norms of classic online casino games and belongs to the type of crash (crash) games. Despite the fact that the slot machine is already 4 years old, it was only in 2023 that the Balloon game began to gain more and more popularity around the world.

To win, you need to inflate the balloon, trying to increase it to the maximum size and at the same time not to burst it. When you inflate the balloon – the coefficient grows, which will be multiplied by your bet. All you need to do is remove your finger or cursor from the button that inflates the balloon before it bursts.

Balloon in the casino to play for money

Below selected 10 online casinos that we trust and in which there is a game Balloon, the sites have a demo mode and play for real money. You can find the slot through the filter by provider selecting SmartSoft or enter the name “Balloon” in the search results and follow the link. In the “Bonus” column we have written what welcome packages for registration are offered by brands.

Ballon Game Interface Overview

Instead of the usual reels, rows and paylines, the Balloon game offers a simple interface with a minimum of graphical noise.


The ball

Gameplay takes place on a blue background, with a yellow ball in the centre, with your bet indicated on it in the middle.


Pump button

On the right side there is a pink button (pump) with an icon of a hand with an outstretched finger, by pressing which your balloon will start to inflate. When the balloon is inflated you can see on the balloon how your winning number increases.



Below the button is a carousel with bets from 5 to 10000 roubles (in real money mode) and from 0.10 DMO to 100 DMO (in demo mode).

Top Winnings

Top Wins

Tabs have been added on the right side, which you can expand to view the top real money casino winnings of Ballon players and the top of your winnings.

Balance and Menu


The top right corner displays your balance and a menu button with links to rules, mute, full screen and exit.

How to play Ballon slot in the casino

In Ballon, unlike other slots in the casino, there aren’t a large number of symbols and lines to keep track of. All you need to play a round is:

Specify a bet;

  1. Press and hold the button (pump) to inflate the balloon;
  2. Remove your cursor or finger from the button before the balloon bursts;
  3. Below in the video is a clear example of how to play Balon in the mobile version.

The PC version is the same, only the objects are placed slightly differently, step by step instructions below.

1. Specify the amount of the bet

Ballon has 7 types of bets: from 5, 10, 50, 100, 500, 2000, 10000 rubles (if you play for money) and 0.10, 0.50, 1, 5, 10, 50, 100 DMO (in demo mode).

2. Start inflating the balloon

To do this, press the purple button in the form of a pump. After that the balloon will start to inflate and the bigger it will become, the bigger will be the amount of your potential winnings, but also the bigger is the risk that the balloon will burst.

3. release the inflation button before the balloon bursts

If you remove your finger or the cursor from the button before your balloon bursts, you get your winnings. The amount of your winnings is calculated by multiplying the value of the balloon when it is inflated by your chosen bet at the beginning of the round.

Play Balloon demo

Free version of Balloon demo you can find either on the site of online casino, where there is this game or on the official site of the developer Smartsoft Gaming.

If you play in the casino, then go to the site of any online casino from this list, find through search or filter slot machine and start the demo mode, you do not need to register.

If you want to play on the developer’s site, then go to XGames in the list of games click on the link Balloon and you will start the demo mode.

About Smartsoft Gaming

Smartsoft Gaming Logo

Smartsoft Gaming is an online casino game provider that was founded in 2015 in Georgia. Distinguished by innovative ideas that showed how differently casino games can be arranged and look. Their most popular game Jetx has made a lot of noise and they have successfully continued to build on their success. The Balloon game is also rapidly gaining popularity with players today and has every chance of becoming a flagship game. You can find out more about Smartsoft Gaming on their official website –

Stick to playing responsibly at Balloon

Responsible online casino gaming involves the following:

  • Set reasonable financial limits on deposits and bets and strictly adhere to them. Do not spend more than you can afford.
  • Understanding that the game Ballon is entertainment, not a way to get rich quick. Do not count on the fact that you can “divorce the casino”.
  • Studying the rules of the game and the principles of the slot before you start playing.
  • Choosing a reliable licensed online casino with a good reputation.
  • Ignoring various superstitions and myths about the schemes and strategies in Balloon. The results of each round are independent.
  • Regular breaks in the game, control of the time spent playing.
  • Stopping play when signs of gambling addiction appear.
  • Never play on credit, if possible exclude access to the funds spent on the game.
  • Remember that the casino always has a mathematical advantage, so losing is inevitable in the long term.

The main thing is to enjoy the process of playing and do not forget about real life outside the casino. Then you can avoid problems with excessive gambling addiction.